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Posted: Jul 9, 2019 9:13:00 AM

In April of this year, seven members of Falvey’s executive team attended the “Transforming Customer Experiences” (TCE) program at Harvard Business School. The four-day course included case discussions, interactive lectures, workshops, small-group talks, and individual coaching sessions, with the goal of learning how “to create the conditions where customers, employees, and owners can simultaneously thrive.”

The team brought back tangible ideas on how Falvey’s companies can strengthen and improve what we offer customers. To turn those ideas into action, we are holding an internal summit for all teams at our Rhode Island headquarters. We conducted one for Falvey Cargo on May 29-30th, Falvey Shippers on June 4-5th and continued with Safe Harbor on June 19-20th. The overarching focus was the Safe Harbor customer: who they are and what they want.  

Over those two days, the staff who attended TCE led presentations based on their top learnings from the Harvard Business School course. There were also small-group workshops, a dinner homework assignment, and a final wrap-up session. The schedule was intentionally designed to reference real concepts and case studies from TCE, with the goal of institutionalizing how Falvey should be thinking of and working with customers.

Falvey Insurance Group is rolling out the TCE education to all staff. A final sessions for the remainder of Falvey’s employees are scheduled for the end of July. And this is only the first of three summits planned for the remainder of the year—all teams will learn about service design and execution in sessions two and three, respectively.  

TCE was an incredibly valuable experience that Falvey has extended from seven employees to the entire company. We are committed to providing our staff with ongoing education about customer best practices as the industry and customer needs evolve.

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