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Partner Spotlight: Forefront Emergency Management

Posted: Feb 27, 2018 10:07:00 AM


Successfully mitigating and managing spills takes the ultimate level of expertise. It requires an ace team to proactively limit the risks of environmental emergencies, and respond quickly and effectively if one occurs.

At Safe Harbor, our philosophy is to partner with spill manager teams who are experts in each region. These teams train and collaborate with local government officials and know the conditions inside and out — Safe Harbor strongly believes this is how you get the best resources and results.

This year, we want to spotlight all of our well-respected spill response partners and we're starting with Forefront Emergency Management. Based in Texas, Forefront is an unquestioned leader in the industry and has been since its founding in 1999.

Why do we trust them so much? The Forefront team has a proven track record and rock-solid reputation of educating and guiding clients on proactive emergency best practices, providing solutions for both the public and private sector. The company has managed regulatory and compliance issues relating to the United States Coast Guard, Environmental Protection Agency, BSEE, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and state regulatory agencies.

Among other things, Safe Harbor relies on Forefront’s experience, knowledge, and personnel to:

  • Conduct on-site management of all responders involved
  • Manage media responses
  • Liaise with government representatives
  • Implement and monitor site safety plans
  • Develop Incident Action Plans (IAPs)
  • Abide by the Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Provide financial and logistical support
  • Run operations from state-of-the-art command posts

Safe Harbor and Forefront work together as true partners, from start to finish. Our clients can be confident they are fully covered, from their quality of insurance to expertise of spill response.

The experience our partners have on spills is unmatched in the industry and Forefront is no exception. They are training constantly not only with the local and state officials, but also the federal government — that’s a critical asset that pays dividends when an actual event occurs. At Safe Harbor, we are committed to being and working with the industry’s strongest leaders — it only made sense for us to partner with Forefront.” - Sean Quinn, Vice President, Safe Harbor

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