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A Salute to our Mariners

Posted: Apr 15, 2020 10:36:31 AM

Safe Harbor Pollution Insurance and the entire Falvey Insurance Group family want to extend our thanks to the dedicated, brave mariners still working throughout this pandemic.

Crewmembers on passenger ships are working around the clock to keep their vessels operating as they stand stranded in quarantine, with both sick and healthy onboard, throughout the gulf and Florida.

Barge operators continue to move goods down the high-watered riverways to deliver much needed goods to communities in the central part of the country.

Tug operators continue to assist in moving vessels to safe berth to unload their products, or in the case of the USNS Mercy, deliver a hospital to a heavily affected area.

Salvers continue to work to remove wrecks to keep our environment clean and clear the way for other vessels to continue the good fight.

Supply vessels continue to bring supplies to rigs and offshore installers to ensure our industries keep the lights on.

Our spill management partners who help keep America’s waterways clean are continuing to clean spills and restore our environments.

And our pilots, who continue to bring thousands of vessels into our ports and harbors with essential supplies to international and domestic areas which need them most.  

Pollution doesn’t stop in the midst of a pandemic, and neither do we. Safe Harbor is here to respond to claims with our robust network of spill responders in the event something goes wrong while these hardworking mariners support our country.

In this pandemic, mariners don’t stop working, they keep on moving forward. At Safe Harbor Pollution Insurance, we salute you, applaud your service and are here for you.

Thank you.


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